Processing Payment and Recycling Partners

We have long-term relationships with the some of the best known Fortune 500 companies in the world

Processing Partners

Debating in-house versus outsourced processing? We’ve chosen to outsource our processing to best-in-class partners because they are great at what they do and they provide cost efficiency, scale and the ability to provide value added services that is unmatched in the industry. Interested in providing your own processing? We offer the ability to seamlessly integrate our modular platform into your existing processing flow.

Payment Partners

Concerned about integration with your POS? We have true “turnkey solutions” and have an exclusive relationship with the industry leader in prepaid card and transaction technologies, to provide customized card solutions for in-store or online payment where needed.

Recycling Partners

Want the guesswork taken out of recycling zero-value devices? We are environmentally responsible and accountable. We work with certified recycling partners, including the largest electronics waste recycler in the US and a founding member of the Basel Action Network, to ensure devices are recycled responsibly and data is properly destroyed for end of life products.